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MediaTek Ups Its Mobile Game With the Dimensity 9200 SoC

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MediaTek’s brand is often associated with affordable, budgeted, Android phones. However, the company has made incremental inroads into the more premium, high-performance models. The launch of the MediaTek Dimensity 9200 chip is a potent step in that direction.

Like all smartphone chips, the Dimensity 9200 is a system on a chip (SoC), which means it has, among other capabilities, integrated functionality for wireless and cellular connectivity, graphics, and system performance in a single solution.

Similar to Apple Silicon or Qualcomm’s Snapdragon offerings, this integrated approach facilitates smaller form factor designs which are always important in mobile devices, longer battery life, and heightened power efficiency without compromising speed.

MediaTek is promoting this mobile chip as the first in the industry to utilize an Armv9 Gen 2 architecture, which requires new cores. A so-called “big” Cortex-X3 core manages the most arduous tasks with an assist from three Cortex-A715 performance cores.

In addition, the 9200 incorporates four Cortex-A510 “low-power” cores to optimize battery life. The combination facilitates a diffident 10% to 12% performance improvement over the legacy Dimensity 9000 but supposedly reduces power consumption by a meaningful 25%.

I spoke with MediaTek GM/VP of Corporate Marketing Finbarr Moynihan about the Dimensity 9200 at last week’s launch. The following video clip highlights that conversation.

Better Graphics Performance

The fascinating element of the Dimensity 9200 is the graphics performance improvement. This solution is one of the industry’s first chips to take advantage of Arm’s new Immortalis-G715 GPU, which provides hardware ray capability, one of the hottest gaming technologies in the PC and laptop arena. According to MediaTek, the Dimensity 9200’s implementation is 32% faster than the Dimensity 9200’s CPU while using a remarkable 41% less power.

Given MediaTek’s legacy strength in Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity, it’s not surprising that the Dimensity 9200 shows improvement in those areas. Unlike previous generations of its mobile chips, the Dimensity 9200 incorporates both millimeter wave 5G and sub-6GHz connectivity, which will benefit those consumers seeing faster cellular data in more sections of the globe.


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