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Owners gutted as classic cars are stolen – then turn up at a local BANGER RACE

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THE owners of two classic cars were gutted to find that their pride and joys had been nicked back in June.

But even worse, was finding out what the thieves had used them for less than two months later.

The two cars were spotted having been stripped and painted blueCredit: C.Hodder – Facebook

As reported by The Daily Echo, the owners of the 1965 Pontiac Grand Prix and 1985 Ford LTD Country Squire found their cars gone between 14th and 16th June 2022.

The owner of the Pontiac, Fred Fieber from Salisbury, told The Echo he was “resigned to not finding [the car]” until he was sent a message saying it was at a banger raceway in Ringwood, Hampshire.

The raceway had been threatened with closure and it was to be the last banger race at the stadium on 7th August.

Fieber continued: “Frantic calls to the track and police were made to try and stop the race, unfortunately too late to save her from her fate on the track.

“I believe she only lasted a few laps.”

Both cars had been completely stripped of their parts, reinforced with metal structures for banger racing and painted bright blue by the thieves.

A spokesperson for Dorset Police said: “We were called at 2.12pm on Sunday, August 7, to reports that two classic cars that had been previously reported as stolen from Wiltshire and Hampshire were at Matchams Park Stadium.

“Officers attended and both vehicles were recovered. The matters are now being investigated by those forces.”

Watch as thief steals van and drives away as driver unpacks parcels
I couldn't believe it when my car was stolen as I stood just YARDS away

Pictures from Facebook show the sad state the two stunning American classics were left in after the banger race.

The very best 1965 Pontiac Grand Prix cars can go for as much as £50,000, but this one is now very much beyond repair.

Sadly, the Ford LTD Country Squire is also bad enough that it’s not worth saving.

Fred Fieber's stunning Pontiac before it was stolen and destroyed

Fred Fieber’s stunning Pontiac before it was stolen and destroyedCredit: Fred Fieber – Facebook

The state of the Pontiac after the banger race

The state of the Pontiac after the banger raceCredit: Double Clutch – Facebook

The Ford LTD Country Squire wasn't looking much better

The Ford LTD Country Squire wasn’t looking much betterCredit: Double Clutch – Facebook

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