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Ticket to Paradise: trailer released for new George Clooney and Julia Roberts rom-com

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he trailer for Ticket to Paradise has just dropped: George Clooney and Julia Roberts’ first headlining rom-com in decades, and their first time starring together. The Hollywood icons will play a divorced couple who go to Bali to try and foil their daughter’s marriage to a local.

The trailer, which was released yesterday, has already garnered over two million views. It sees Roberts and Clooney reunite on a plane, bicker, and then agree to put their arguments aside for the sake of their daughter.

“I won’t let her throw her life away. We need to trick her into dumping him,” says Roberts. “As much as this will pain us both, we have to call a truce to make this work.”

“Did you make a pact not to murder each other until you murder me first?” says their daughter upon receiving them.

The scenery is all incredibly beautiful, as you’d imagine: crystal blue seas, Roberts and Clooney riding a boat, candle-lit dances and forests.

The duo conduct a plan to steal their daughter’s rings. By the looks of the trailer, she finds the rings in her mum’s bag and drama ensues. Dua Lipa plays in the background of the trailer and you can sense the feel-good juices that will be flowing in the film.

Julia Roberts and George Clooney speaking at the Money Monster press conference in 2016


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The actors, who are said to be great friends in real life, have starred in five previous films together – Ocean’s Eleven, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, Ocean’s Twelve, August: Osage County and Money Monster.

Their forthcoming roles as divorced husband and wife come closest to their characters in the Ocean’s franchise, where they play estranged couple Danny and Tess Ocean.

Roberts last headlined a rom-com back in 2001 in Joe Roth’s America’s Sweethearts, while for Clooney it’s been even longer: arguably his last rom-com was 1996’s One Fine Day with Michelle Pfeiffer.

Speaking to The New York Times about the film, Roberts said that when she received the screenplay, “I thought, ‘Well, disaster, because this only works if it’s George Clooney’. Lo and behold, George felt it only worked with me. Somehow we were both able to do it, and off we went.”


Speaking to Deadline, Clooney said: “Well, this one is something special. I haven’t done a romantic comedy really since One Fine Day. I’ve done some sort of snarky ones, you know, and in this one Julia and I just get to be mean to each other in the funniest way, and the minute I read it I called Julia, and I said, ‘Did you get this?’ and she said, ‘Yeah,’ and I said ‘Are you going to do it?’ and she goes ‘Are you going to do it? and I said, ‘Yeah, if you do it.’ So, it was just one of those very lucky things.”

Ticket to Paradise is set to be released on October 21

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